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What is World Stage Design?


World Stage Design takes place every four years. It began in Toronto in 2005 and then travelled to Seoul in 2009. In 2013 Cardiff hosted this diverse festival which draws thousands of visitors from around the globe.  In 2017 World Stage Design will take place in Taiwan.

World Stage Design is a celebration of international performance design from the world of theatre, opera and dance as well as public performances and installations in non theatre spaces.

World Stage Design connects creators and practitioners, artists and audiences.

World Stage Design is an exhibition of international performance design.

World Stage Design is a festival of performance, workshops & presentations titled Scenofest.

World Stage Design includes the world congress for OISTAT (International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians).

World Stage Design has strong links with the Prague Quadrennial (PQ) which for over 50 years has inspired designers and theatre makers with a unique gathering of creative expression, theory and practice with work by international designers from over 45 countries.

World Stage Design 2013

World Stage Design 2013 explored and challenged the boundaries between performance, design and fine art.

World Stage Design 2013 included a programme of events exploring sustainability in creative practice, including a competition to design a temporal sustainable theatre space.  The winning design to be built and performed in for the duration of the Festival.

World Stage Design 2013 brought together professionals from all creative sectors, including performance practitioners, artists, designers, alongside students and teachers, to discover a wealth of inspiration and knowledge.

You can download a leaflet about what was on offer at WSD2013 here.

World Stage Design 2017

World Stage Design 2017 will be hosted in Taipei, Taiwan.