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WSD award winners 2009

Every four years at World Stage Design, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are presented to selected exhibitors.

Award Winners 2009

Outstanding Scenographer
Monica Raya (Mexico): The Skin (set and costume), Rappaccini’s Daughter (set, costume and lighting), Twelfth Night (set and light), Autopsy to a Snowflake (set and costume), and AUTOPSIA (lighting)

Set Design

Gold Award
Liu Xinglin (China): Tangwan

Silver Award
Judit Csanadi
(Hungary): Peer Gynt, The Ambitious and The Flighty
Dorita Hannah (New Zealand): Aarero Stone and Her Topia

Honorable Mention
Tsang Man-Tung (Hong Kong, China): No End and Ubu Roi

Costume Design

Gold Award
Dorita Hannah (New Zealand): Aarero Stone and Her Topia
Heng-Cheng Lin (Taiwan): Lysistrata and Endgame

Silver Award
Edyta Rzewuska
(Mexico): Nezahualcóyotl
Hye-sook Chang (Korea): The Dance of the Four Flying Gods in the Sky

Lighting Design

Gold Award
Beto Bruel (Brazil): Not About Love

Silver Award
Lee-Zen Michael Chien (Taiwan): Like Shadows

Honorable Mention
Vinny Jones (Netherlands): tobetonotbe and de Monant

Sound Design

Jude Edgard C Balsamo (Phillipines), Amihan
Curtis Craig (USA), Pentecost
Igor Drevalev (Russia), The Black Monk
Gregg R Fisher (UK), Sarajevo Story
Elisheba Itoop (USA), Bent
Jethro Joaquin (Phillipines), Hamlet
Karen Lauke (UK), The Odyssey
Richard Malone (USA), Female Transport
Matthew Suttor (USA), The Trial of the Cannibal Dog Opera
Richard K Thomas (USA), Henry V
Bradlee Ward (USA), The Methuselah Tree
Claire Windsor (UK), Palace of the End
Chien Feng Wu (Taiwan), Love Letters