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2 minutes with David Shearing

Posted September 8, 2013 by Marc Thomas
Categories: Q&A

2 minutes with David Shearing

While some of this year’s exhibitors have come from far away countries, some are a little closer to home. David Shearing is a designer of immersive multimedia installations based in Leeds. He’s exhibiting work written by Kamal Hussain who accompanies him on this trip.

“We’ve got two installation pieces here: they have no performers. They are a bit like fine art installations but they have a narrative and a dramaturgy to them that sort of propels them.

And It All Comes Down To This is a sort of simple fable that goes on a journey and in many ways it’s representative of the audience’s journey. The audience goes on a journey with the boy in the piece and it takes them through different landscapes in which they’re immersed.

All my work uses headphones and involves a bit of activity from the audience. They need to engage and search through the environment to look for hidden moments or sounds they may discover.”


David Shearing (left) with collaborator Kamal Hussain (right)

“It’s my first time at WSD. It’s been great and nice to document my work in different ways. It’s so hard to document immersive work because it’s so experiential. To have some extra materials like this bird box and the birds makes it just that bit more dynamic.”

See David’s exhibit at number 89 in Bute Theatre