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Steve Brown – a tribute

Posted July 8, 2013 by Alice Cabanas

Steve Brown – a tribute

It is with great sorrow that we announce the death of Steve Brown, the Head of the Sound working group for OISTAT, Board Member, and one of the founders of, the Association of Sound Designers and Sound Curator and Organiser of World Stage Design 2013.

That he had been ill for 6 months did not stop Steve working on WSD2013 from his bed to try and maintain the creative drive he has become renowned for internationally over the last 13 years.

We first met Steve on a Friday Night in a Bar in Prague in February 2005 at a Scenofest planning meeting and so began a dynamic creative friendship.

His championing of the role of sound within the creative team in performance design was entirely persuasive if sometimes abrasive, a champion for the art of Sound Design and Sonic Art.

We created a unique Scenofest in 2007 with an extraordinary array of experiences, in 2011 he was so delighted to be asked to curate for the main Prague Quadrennial and equally was always going to at the foremost of the planning of WSD2013.

All of that is taken for granted; his CV and biography stand as testament to his achievements.

What we remember most clearly is laughing with him until it hurt,

We remember evenings spent talking about everything else apart from work and evenings spent talking about nothing but work, all with equal passion and joy.

We remember that he only used to drink a pint and half to our three; we remember his absolute love of football and most of all Tottenham Hotspurs and we remember his joyously mischevious sense of humour.

An enormous part of our creative life has been taken away, and also a dear friend.

Please join us in September at WSD2013 to celebrate Steve.

Sean Crowley Project Leader WSD2013

Ian Evans Technical Director WSD2013