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The World Stage Design Book Store

Posted September 7, 2013 by Marc Thomas
Categories: Q&A

The World Stage Design Book Store

In the foyer of the RWCMD building at this year’s World Stage Design festival, there is a handsome looking collection of books for perusal and sale.

The store is run by the Centre for Performance Research, a company that started in Cardiff in the 1970s. After finishing their partnership with Aberystwyth University, CPR is now an independent organisation who publish books, sell books and also organise innovative performance work through workshops and conferences.

“Our artistic director has a big collection of personal books which we’re moving to a new home,” says Helen Gethin from CPR, the smiling face behind the counter. “A small amount of what we have here is what we usually have at CPR but we’ve curated a lot of new titles that we wouldn’t usually hold like the fashion stacks that we have here and a lot of sound, lighting and stage design stuff. We’ve carefully curated a collection that we think people will like.”

As well as a gorgeous exhibition catalogue for WSD13, the shop carries a wide variety of books including some by staff of RWCMD and exhibitors at this year’s festival.

Here are some of Helen’s picks from the bookshop:

Hollywood Sketchbook: A Century of Costume Illustration — Deborah Nadoolman Landis


You can catch the author of Hollywood Sketchbook in conversation with Sammy Sheldon Differ on 8 September at 14.30 in the Dora Stoutzker Concert hall

What is Scenography? — Pamela Howard


Pamela Howard chairs the Oistat World Congress this year. See her on 11 September at the Changing Places Keynote Speeches

The Theatres and Performance Buildings of South Wales — Rob Firman


An expert in theatre architecture, Rob Firman is part of the afternoon session in an all day seminar on 9 September discussing historic theatres and what they can teach us.

The 20th Century World Architecture — Phaidon


“The biggest book in our collection,” says Gethin.

Credit (Top Photo): Valeria Pacchiani