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WSD2013: From the outside looking in

Posted September 14, 2013 by Marc Thomas
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WSD2013: From the outside looking in

I’m Marc. I’m a journalist in Cardiff working mainly within design and culture. This week, I’ve been writing and uploading most of what you’ve been reading, looking at, watching and listening to on this blog.

Quite frankly, World Stage Design 2013 has been a blast.

Earlier this week, Rupert Christiansen, opera critic for the Daily Telegraph, wrote of WSD2013:

“The convention showcases an extraordinary creative energy that seldom receives the sustained critical attention it merits.”

He has a good point. World Stage Design shows off the things happening in the wings, above the curtain, behind the sound desk, in the workshops and even further away without which the performances that we all enjoy so casually would not be possible. That’s valuable.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I even considered there must be a world of creative people in the areas of theatrical performance who are not involved in the acting itself. When I add to this realisation the fact that I had already been reviewing theatre for a few years before, I suddenly get the overwhelming feeling that I should apologise to everyone whose work I ignored in my own writing.

World Stage Design, for me, has been an opportunity to set the record straight. This week has been about incredible costume, beautiful lighting, enveloping sound and the formidable array of people who blur the lines between the aforementioned categories.

More than just recognising the festival’s most tangible outlets though, the past week has been a truly inspiring gathering of the best parts of humanity: understanding across cultural divides and cooperation being born.

With people from so many nations in the same (wonderful) space and myriad languages to be heard, it is no wonder that I have already heard of people who are planning to work across borders and cultures on theatrical projects in the near future.

I am not involved in the theatrical process and I doubt that I ever will be but the warmness of those who I have interviewed, spoken with, photographed and worked with over the past few days has made me feel like an insider.

And one more thing: You won’t catch me neglecting the scenography, costume or sound design of a production in a review again.

Marc Thomas, Journalist

“It’s been a tiring week!” says Marc – Credit: Valeria Pacchiani