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John Thigpen
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Author: John Thigpen

Performance space: Proscenium Theatre

Theatre company/company produced for: Aurora Theatre, Lawrenceville, GA USA

Month & year of original production: October 7, 2010 - October 31, 2010

Description of items intended for exhibition:

Project description:
Scenic design for a theatre performance of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" as adapted by playwright Jeffrey Hatcher from the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson. Five of the seven actors played numerous characters, multiple actors played Mr. Hyde to show his many traits. The design reinforces recurring themes in the dialogue, specifically light and shadow references. The set is literal face-off between the main characters. Dr. Jekyll is represented by light, science, reason. Mr. Hyde is represented by dark, nature, machination. Actors flowed through the two heads. Hidden doors in the stage right head retained the solid image. The open and dark metal frame of Mr. Hyde allowed characters to freely flow under the rusty cogs. The cogs and the astrolabe design on the stage floor added elements of 'steampunk' genre. The costume designer also created 'steampunk' inspired costumes. If selected for exhibition, I would provide display boards and model on request. I have high resolution photos available.

Set Design

Set designer: John Thigpen
Costume designer: Linda Patterson
Lighting designer: Rob Dillard
Sound designer: Thom Jenkins
Director/choreographer: Susan Reid

Image gallery

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JThigpen_JH_WSD 2013_.pdf
Five page pdf of design concept and photos. I have high res photos available of the individual production photos, but am unable to submit them in A4 size at 300dpi under 3MB. All photos were taken by me with permission to use them for promoting my design work.

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