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Mona Kastell
L'Eveil (the awakening)

Author: Mona Kastell

Performance space: The Arches, Glasgow

Theatre company/company produced for: The Arches, Glasgow

Month & year of original production: September 2012

Description of items intended for exhibition:

Project description:
Consistently questioning what is socially acceptable, this costume-led performance deals with the themes of Growth, Transformation, Beauty and Disfigurement. The uniqueness of the piece arises from the indivisibility of performer, sculptural costume and movement challenging the distortion of the body and its place in socially. The weird and wonderful world created on stage is to be supported by an original soundtrack that reflects the themes involved.

This inventive piece of work pushes the boundaries of costume and grows further the integral role of the costume as the centre of the performance instead of its typically established simple decorative role. The costume is created not around a character or an idea but through the relationship between body, material, movement and observer, creating a strong visual dynamic.

Costume Design

Costume designer: Mona Kastell
Lighting designer: Alberto Santos Bellido
Sound designer: Guy Veale
Director/choreographer: Mona Kastell
Other creative collaborators: Mazz Marsden

Image gallery

Mona Kastell - L'Eveil (the awakening)

1. The caterpillar
The beginning of the show sees the cocoon evolving through diverse shapes tense moment and breathing.

Mona Kastell - L'Eveil (the awakening)

2.The toad birthing
The back of the creature is revealed as the outside layers of the costumes fall.

Mona Kastell - L'Eveil (the awakening)

3.Rabbit ears
The creature as a defence mechanism with flashes of green light

Mona Kastell - L'Eveil (the awakening)

4.The ritual
One thing is keeping the creature aware, the cleaning of its wings

Mona Kastell - L'Eveil (the awakening)

5.the butterfly
The last image the audience is left to ponder with is the back light glowing through the wings revealing intricate patterns in the dye work such as onion texture

Other media
Trailer for the performance