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Nick Moran
关系 Consumed

Author: Nick Moran

Performance space: Tara Arts and UK and Chinese Tour

Theatre company/company produced for: Border Crossings

Month & year of original production: February 2013 to March 2013

Description of items intended for exhibition:
Video clip

Project description:
A cross-cultural multimedia devised drama about sex, money and the world wide web, made on a small scale, with large scale ambition

Set Design
Lighting Design

Set designer: Nick Moran in collaboration with the director
Costume designer: Sten Volmuller
Lighting designer: Nick Moran
Sound designer: Dave Carey
Digital video NA: Dori Deng
Director/choreographer: Michael Walling
Other creative collaborators: Devised and performed by Song Ru Hi, Serge Soric and Ning Li

Image gallery

Nick Moran - 关系 Consumed

The "screen" on which the opening film and credits have just been projected, is disrupted by an actor transforming its central section into a table to create a restaurant.
Photographer: Richard Davenport

Nick Moran - 关系 Consumed

Nick Moran - 关系 Consumed

Nick Moran - 关系 Consumed

Nick Moran - 关系 Consumed

Nick Moran - 关系 Consumed

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