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Architecture at World Stage Design 2013 investigated the possibilities of architecture that exist in the creation of performative events.  Through lectures, discussions, and workshops participants discovered innovative architectural and artistic concepts for an original and relevant theatre of tomorrow.

Radivoje Dinulović, designer, theorist and critic of architectural and scene spaces, author of the Theatre Architecture of the XX Century, gave a presentation on ‘Scene Design and Architecture of Performance’. PQ2011 Gold Medal for Theatre Architecture winner, Andreas Skourtis, posed questions on architecture as scenography in’Designing The Stage as a Starting Point of a Scenographic Synthesis’. The importance of architectural and artistic initiatives in the process of revitalisation of our cities was  discussed with Andrius Ciplijauskas, author, initiator and coordinator of ‘BEE part’ initiative in Lithuania. Lecturer in Architecture and Performance at Bartlett School of Architecture, Matthew Butcher, gave instructions for staging the city; and Mia David,member of the ‘October Art Salon’ managing board – one of the oldest and most important international visual arts events in Balkan region, looked at ‘new homes for the art’.

In an interview with Emma Critchley, underwater-image maker, Greer Crawley, Senior Lecturer in Spatial Design at Buckinghamshire New University discussed issues of gravity and anti-gravity in in-between spaces.

Other workshops included:

Dragan Stojčevski, site-specific expert in investigating the city of Cardiff in a search for a personal living space.

Miljana Zeković, Višnja Žugić, and Bojan Stojković in an audition for ‘The Silent Narrator’.

Become an ‘Emancipated Spectator’ and take a close look through the mirror at the auditorium with Alexandra Carambellas, installation artist, and Greer Crawley.

The the ‘Art of Encounters’ with Marina Radulj and Monika Ponjavić, architects and artists focused on living-body installations.

You can view the full past programme here.

Scenofest Architecture Team:

Miljana Zeković, Assistant Professor, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Greer Crawley, Senior Lecturer, Buckinghamshire New University, UK