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People, Profit, Planet


Exploring Sustainability in Creative Practice

Theatre is a process of reinvention, making and remaking. How do we consider the resources that go into bringing something to the stage? What is our responsibility to materials and energy? How do we create efficient spaces that house performance? How do we talk about this, both as artists and in our art? These questions were the focus for the Sustainability Programme at World Stage Design 2013. Designers, architects, researchers and others who were focused on the intersection of sustainability and performance explored the future of our field as it relates to one of most vital issues of today.

You can view the full past programme here.

The People, Profit, Planet programme was supported by the Waterloo Foundation.

These workshops and presentations were for anyone interested in considering the issues of sustainability within their work. Curious about how reused and eco-materials impact design and construction? Or the future of new energy efficient lighting technology? Intrigued by new work that explores issues of social justice and the environment? Interested in tools and best practices to monitor the carbon footprint of your facility or productions? Perplexed by how these tie together? The programme highlighted performances, place and interconnectedness in the wider world.

Sustainability Programme at WSD2103

People, Profit, Planet – group leader
Ian Garrett – Assistant Professor, York University, Canada