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Projection Media and Video


The increased prevalence of projection media and video content within the world of performance has created a new theatrical language for both designer and audience.  Through a series of workshop talks and demonstrations with leaders and innovators from the field of performance and technology, we examined how the medium challenges, enhances and pushes the boundaries of how we define body, space and audience.


What were the topics covered?

Ways of Seeing

Interdisciplinarity and projected media: This was a three-day workshop for designers that combined practical, technical and theoretical content, examining how projected video impacts upon theatre design and audience. Using the films of Hitchcock as a basis to discuss the visual eye, the group explored how cinematic visual theory can be applied when designing projections for theatre. Participants received hands on technical experience and introductions to software implementation in the creation of a video installation devised by the group.

Audience and Interaction

The prevalence of the web and popularity of smartphone technology has conditioned audiences to seek and receive information through haptic interaction. This seminar brought together artists from gaming, theatre and fine art who have challenged the notion of the fourth wall through uses of technology that allows the audience to touch, move and manipulate narrative.

Video and Scenography

A chaired discussion with key designers on the uses of new technology and performance debated its impact, challenges and future place within theatre design.

Performance and Technology group leader:

Douglas O’Connell
Course Leader for MA Digital Theatre at the University Arts London at Wimbledon