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The Craft of Design


How do we convert ‘ideas’ into ‘reality’?

The collaborative practice of design for performance is centred around that critical moment when the idea is made real.  Craft is once again being rightfully recognised for its role in the realisation of design.

Craft of Design at World Stage Design 2013 included a wonderful series of workshops where participants shared the skill and wisdom of five international experts in this field.

You can view the full past programme here.

In this world of the contemporary design process, the language between designer and creator is essential. Finding the most effective way to convert design proposals into the finished scenic or costume element is key to fulfilling the designers creative vision.

Workshops included:

Tricks OK Icarus
A technical talk about making inflatable elements the easy way with Quim Guixa: A global master of the impossible, breaking the laws of gravitation.


Tea for tutu
From the knickers to the glittersan absolutely informal cup of tea with Carlos Muchart from Stuttgarter Ballet, where attendees could discover the secrets of tutu making.


Would a mould?
Special effect living legend Collin Arthur offered a one day intensive workshop about mould making


Blowing colours
Two day workshop with final installation.

First day with Josep and Jordi Castells: Painting in the traditional mediterranean way; Flat surfaces which have been previously designed by participants.
Second day with Quim Guixa: Assembling and creating inflatable volumes, finishing with an outside installation.


Craft of Design – group leader

Professor Ramon Ivars