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A new way to Archive Theatre Sound Design

Mon 9 Sept 14.30 to 16.00
Dora Stoutzker Concert hall

A new way to Archive Theatre Sound Design

Sound design is an integral part of a production, but showing sound design work when divorced from the production it was designed for does little credit to the craft and art of the sound designer. Capturing your work in a way that you can meaningfully show a director the wonderful moving soundscapes you created for a show or simply archiving it for your own use has not been a trivial task. We will show how combining binaural audio recording and video using a dummy head mounted on a video camera can capture a show from an audience member’s pint of view to give you an “As if I was there” experience. 360 degree audio is faithfully captured binaurally and a nominal 60 degree video field is enough to complete the picture. Along the way, we’ll look at how the human ear / eye / brain system works and how you can cheaply make your own dummy head.

Open to all.



Key contributors

d&b Audiotechnik

John Taylor