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Design as Performance

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Kristýna Täubelová and Team- A SIMPLE TRAGEDY- Workshop

Tues 10 Sept 14.30 - 18.00
Studio 2

Kristýna Täubelová and Team- A SIMPLE TRAGEDY- Workshop

This was a workshop by Kristýna Täubelová and Yuko Takahashi:

The participants could investigate paper as a material used in performance. They investigated its characteristics and possible usages in connection to space, light, sound and in relationship to the living person. Partakers with a visual artist’s background were given the experience of being a performer through paper and had a shot at creating and performing their work live; directors and actors were given the experience of non-verbal expression on stage, where the work with a specific material, paper, creates various situation and constellations in space.

Participants of this paper folding workshop had a chance to see how different props from our performance A Paper Tragedy, were made out of paper. During the workshop Yuko Takahashi presented traditional Japanese ways of folding paper and showed how this technique may be used for the creation of new and unexpected objects.

Takahashi used a special combination of paper techniques such as writing, folding,crumple, coiling and cutting of paper.

This event was for theatre students. There is no need to have any professional background or previous experience of paperwork is required.




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Kristýna Täubelová and A Simple Tragedy team