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Bangladeshi Traditional Baul Song with AK Azad

Thurs 12 Sept 13.30 and 18.00
Dora Stoutzker Concert hall

Bangladeshi Traditional Baul Song with AK Azad

Baul is the most commonly known category of Bangladeshi folk songs. It is mostly performed by hermits who are followers of Sufism in Bangladesh. Present day Sufis earn mainly from performing their music. Baul songs incorporate simple words expressing songs with deeper meanings involving creation, society, lifestyle and human emotions. These songs were performed with very little musical support to the main carrier, the vocal.

Instruments that were used include the Ektara (“one-string”), Dotara (“two-strings”) and cymbals. In recent times Baul geeti has lost popularity, due to urbanisation and westernisation.

This event was open to all.




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