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Costume in Action

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Costume Upcycling: Exploring Femininity with Lise Klitten

Sat 7 Sept 11.00 - 18.00
Studio 2

Costume Upcycling: Exploring Femininity with Lise Klitten

Turning old, disused clothing into costumes by deconstructing them, selecting the most interesting elements, and piecing those together, this workshop enabled its participants to experiment with the meaning of costume. It was also about unconventional materials for costumes used differently giving different values to aesthetic communication. Our aim was to explore without boundaries endless creative possibilities, while also looking into various sides of femininity. Having no rules gives freedom to create what one feels right for telling a story.

This event was for those with good sewing machine skills are required to attend this workshop.

Price: £24

Image: Afghan Hound – Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, 2011; Costume Designer: Lise Klitten; Photo © Anders Sune Berg

The work produced in this workshop was presented at the launch event for World Stage Design 2013 on the evening of Sunday 8th September.

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