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Emergence presents: Resilience in the Face of Challenge Creu Cymru

Fri 13 Sept 9.30 - 11.00
Hopkins studio

Emergence presents: Resilience in the Face of Challenge Creu Cymru

The Creu Cymru Emergence project is working with 18 theatres and arts  centres across Wales to consider the challenges and opportunities of making sustainability intrinsic to their thinking and practice. This project is focused on social and economic sustainability as well as environmental. The aim is to effect behaviour change and to use this network to impact  on wider thinking in the area of Arts and Sustainability.

This session was designed to look at the way networks and collaboration can enhance sustainable practice. There were contributions from Mark Godber from Arts Admin – talking about the Imagine 2020 project – as  well as more about the Creu Cymru Emergence project. It was an  opportunity to share best practice and to discuss some of the specific challenges facing theatres and arts centres.

Creu Cymru is the development agency for theatres and arts centres in  Wales.  Creu Cymru Emergence is funded by the Welsh Government through  Environment Wales’ Support for Sustainable Living Fund.

This event was open to all.

Price: £6


Key contributors

Mark Godber

Artists Producer at Arts Admin

Catherine Langabeer

Director of Arts and Deputy Director at Julie’s Bicycle

Deborah Keyser

Director at Creu Cymru