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Gavin Krastin- ROUGH MUSICK

Tues 10 Sept 13.30 and 18.30
Rowe Beddoe

Gavin Krastin- ROUGH MUSICK

Inspired by the early practices of ‘Rough Musick’, Gavin Krastin creates a contemporary re-engagement with these dark and mysterious rituals. These rituals originated in small villages of medieval England, to disgrace and humiliate criminals and deviants.  The performance unfolds a visual and visceral experience through the brazen clashing of images and activities sourced from Gaelic folklore.  Through Krastin’s striking theatricality and characteristic heightening of the visual image, the pre-Empire white culture of the United Kingdom is rendered exotic and strange, positioning the artist-of-European-descent as the ‘primitive’ and ‘ethnically’ other.

Gavin Krastin was also exhibiting in the WSD 2013 exhibition.

Who should attend?

This performance was restricted 18+

This performance travelled to World Stage Design 2013 from South Africa.

Price: £6

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Gavin Krastin