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Mécanique emotive: The emotions of techniques

Sat 14 Sept 14.30-18.00
Studio 2

Mécanique emotive: The emotions of techniques

This was a rare opportunity to work with one of the members from the French company,  Royale De Luxe, Frederic Dyonnet. Frederic has been responsible for  creating some of the most awe inspiring and magical giant street puppets that often defy what we think is mechanically possible. He is also an automaton enthusiast and revels in the problems of creating the illusion of life through mechanics. He has been working for many years with the emotions of mechanics through different techniques such as , pulleys, cams hydraulics and pneumatics. In this workshop he will be sharing effective ways of transferring emotions across different simple mechanical systems .

This workshop was open to all, professionals and students interested in this area.

Price: £12

Key contributors

Mécanique émotive

Frédéric Dyonnet