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My Living Space with Dragan Stojčevski

Tues 10 Sept 14.30 - 18.00
Room 3.18

My Living Space with Dragan Stojčevski

What is intimate space? What is public space? Is it possible to confront these two as we try to find our living space in the city we are facing for the first time?

‘My living space’ was a workshop created for participants who want to follow a site-specific expert, Dragan Stojčevski, on his way of remembering, drawing, marking of personal living space and finding its reflections in hidden spaces of Cardiff. Participants searched the city in an attempt to feel it, connect to it and find spaces that resembled their personal homes.

This event was open to all.

Price: £12

Image: Dragan Stojčevski, ‘Intimate Inspiration’, Usti nad Labem, 2012.

Key contributors

Dragan Stojčevski