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National Dance Company Wales- PURLIEUS / VIRTUAL DESCENT

Wed 11 Sept 13.30 and 18.30
Richard Burton Theatre

National Dance Company Wales- PURLIEUS / VIRTUAL DESCENT

This was a double bill of two new works by company dancers and emerging choreographers Lee Johnston and Eleesha Drennan. Lee and Eleesha have developed their work with resident designer Joe Fletcher and have recently been commissioned to present their work as part of National Dance Company Wales’ main company tours.

Purlieus is the result of a three year research, development and refinement process undertaken by choreographer Lee Johnston and lighting designer Joe Fletcher.

The light and animation moves with, pushes, pulls, encloses, reaches out to, and dances independently of the performer and audience. It has been designed to create particular perceptual experiences for the audience which are suggestive of both the performer’s journey and the boundaries they are confined to; their purlieus.

Virtual Descent is the latest work from award-winning House Choreographer Eleesha Drennan. Made to an original percussion concerto recorded by BBC National Orchestra of Wales written by their resident composer Mark Bowden, Virtual Descent seeks out the essence of human power and bravery that lies within the body. The dancers become our new warriors of hope, leading us towards a brighter future. With a striking set and imaginative lighting from Joe Fletcher, a dramatic and poignant narrative is created.

This performance was open to all.

This performance travelled to World Stage Design 2013 from within the UK.

Price: £6