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Pagadi Project

Mon 9 Sept 16.30 to 18.00
Dora Stoutzker Concert hall

Pagadi Project

Turban tying is an ‘art’ which has its variant styles in almost every corner of the world. In India itself there are more than two hundred ways of tying a turban. It has been associated with men in varied ways – Pride, Honour, Class, Clan, Cast, Religion, Region, Rituals, Identity, Functionality, Festivals, Patriarchy and so on. On the contrary it is identified with colours, rhythm, folds, twists, turns, times and culture.

What is that, which makes it so unique in costuming and culture.

This performance looked beyond the notions of auditoriums and galleries for art and identifies with the concept of ‘Space as Found’.

This event was open to all.

Price: £6


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