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WHO’S AFRAID? – Rhodri Hugh Thomas

Fri 6 Sept 13.30 and 18.30
The Willow Theatre

WHO’S AFRAID? – Rhodri Hugh Thomas

A stand-up Performance by Rhodri Hugh Thomas in Collaboration With Carolina Vasquez and Chris Young.

This was a theatrical event of contrasts and revelations and sets sustainability in the context of simple, everyday activities and events and provokes us to look at our own lives in a new way:

Stand-up comedy merges with poetic metaphor as the production unpacks the unspoken fears that we keep hidden away and confronts the reality of a world on the brink of profound irreversible change.

Challenging, hilarious and passionate, the spoken word is woven into a symphony of startling images and illuminating film clips that feature and celebrate the diversity of the human condition and the tireless work of local activists who in the face of fear, offer hope. Who’s afraid? We all should be but especially climate change deniers and cats!

A Multi Media Performance by Rhodri Hugh Thomas in Collaboration With Carolina Vasquez Based on the poem and art work “Who’s Afraid?” by Susan Richardson and Pat Gregory.

This production has been made possible by a development grant from the Arts Council of Wales.

This performance was open to all.

This performance travelled to World Stage Design 2013 from within the UK.

Price: £6





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