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Free Public Events

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Trans-Plantable Living Room, Edible Community Performance

Fri 13 Sept 13.30 and 18.30
RWCMD grounds

Trans-Plantable Living Room, Edible Community Performance

An edible stage provided the unique space for this performance, which explored our relationship to gardening in the age of ecological uncertainty and our broad relationship to nature. Audiences were invited to plant a seedling, contributing to the space in their own personal way.

The event unified a temporary, site-specific edible garden with local gardening communities via performance.

Outside of the performance, the space functioned as a discursive, enjoyable sitting area and installation which was enjoyed by the public.

This performance was open to all.

This performance  travelled to World Stage Design 2013 from Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK.

This performance took place on the college grounds and was free to attend.