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Design as Performance

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The Intimate and The Epic

Mon 9 Sept 10.00-19.30 / Tues 10 Sept 10.00-16.30
Weston Gallery

The Intimate and The Epic

THE INTIMATE & THE EPIC : the power of the visual in participatory performance

The Intimate and the Epic focused on the power of the visual in participatory performance and looked at the following issues:

What is our role in shaping the work when we are creating it for and with a particular community?

When does that role begin and end?

What do we call ourselves? How do we participate?

Is the production/event/celebration the final outcome or is the relationship with the narrative, the community and the place more complex?

This two day symposium and workshop programme brought together some of the leading companies developing socially engaged practice in the UK. Delegates attending had the opportunity not only to hear about the outstanding work of National Theatre of Wales, National Theatre of Scotland, Wildworks and Quarantine and  actively participated in workshops with practitioners leading these companies and to used these processes to develop their own unique collective response to being at WSD.

This event was open to all


You can download an information form about this event here.

Image: Dawn, Port Talbot Passion Photo: (c)Richard Hardcastle

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