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Design as Performance

Categories: Design as Performance

The Market Place

Sun 8 Sept 13.00-17.00 / Mon 9 - Sat 14 Sept 10.00-19.30
The Foyer, RWCMD grounds and City Centre

The Market Place

World Stage Design’s Marketplace provided a snapshot of what is happening in the world of design for performance now. It was a place where performance makers, doers and debaters could meet and share what they do with a wider public.

Interested in contributing to The Market Place?

We built a fleet of customised, portable street carts over the summer. Carts could be booked for a whole day, a half day or a much shorter space of time to be used in the foyer and around the campus at Royal Welsh College as well as in the city itself.

Who could contribute?

Students, professionals, local not for profit organisations/CICs, emerging artists, product developers, discussers , debaters and start-ups in all performance and design related fields were all welcome to book a cart.

Visiting The Market Place is FREE

Key contributors

Fiona Watt, Curator, Cartist and Conversationalist

Sophie Jump, Curator, Cartist and Conversationalist