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WSD LISTENHEAR event- Rick Thomas

Sun 8 Sept 11.30 to 13.00
Rowe Beddoe Studio

WSD LISTENHEAR event- Rick Thomas

WSD ListenHear was a series of presentations in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds with accompanying audio. Guest presenters shared their creative, professional or scholarly work in six minute and forty second sound bites in this first WSD Sound ListenHear, named in memory of Steven Brown for his extraordinary career and his contribution to the theatre.

Presenters included:

David Smith
Director & Sound Designer – A Creative Journey

A quick photographic journey through shows designed with the same director over the last ten years, discussing what we have both learned from each other about sound design along the way and how we have both grown because of it.

Erik T. Lawson
He Also Had Recorders in Tracks and Moving Film Mixing Arbitrary Intervals.

A brief exploration of Habits of Imagination: a performance and sound installation, and Candy Tastes Nice: a piece investigating, “our society’s ease with women’s exploitation…”

Nela Brown

Scan it, lock it, tilt it, shake it, throw it!

Through examples of her recent work, Nela Brown talkedabout complexities, joys and challenges of designing sound for collaborative music making mobile applications.

Janne Auvinen
Art of Insignificant

When nothing seems to happen, insignificant becomes significant. A listenhear experience from a distant country of subtle (un)silence with occasional bursts of loud noises.

Igor Drevalev
Theatre of the 21th century – sound, lighting, set…

Some words about actual problems of sound design, lighting design and set at the modern theatre and the theatre of future.

Olivera Gracanin
Sound Design in Southeast Europe

Education and Profession facing harsh realities, followed by loads of fun! A story about introducing light and sound design studies in Southeast Europe.

Rick Malone
Method or Madness: Hamlet 2013 or Proof: To Bach or Not to Bach

A short discussion of designing the sound for a production Hamlet a la Steampunk and of designing the sound and music for David Auburn’s Proof.

Nick Hunt and Rachel Nicholson
What is a Scenographic Score?

We can use scenographic scores to visually notate visual, spatial and aural design ideas, to think about them, share them and document them. Find out more in seven minutes!

Rick Thomas

Recent Explorations in Music As a Chariot

If theatre evolved out of music, what are some implications for how we make theatre?

This event was open to all

Price : £6

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